Rhondda Book Fair

Today was a new experience for me. I have never been to a book fair before, and I have to say I absolutely enjoyed myself. I left with a bag of books, that actually killed me while trying to carry it, so many books were bought.


The Rhondda book fair has happened for the past 3 years, this one was the fourth. It was run and set up by Colin R Parsons, who is a childrens author. It’s so good to have something like this in our community, as a book lover who lives in a small town in Wales, there are not many things that happen to do with books. When I found out about this 4 days ago I was amazed that something like this was happening here, the chance to meet authors and get books is an amazing experience. It also brings the community of book lovers together.


It was so good to see and meet all the authors there, they were all lovely and I had some really interesting chats with some of them. As soon as you walk through the door there was a cake stand, and what more could you want, cake and books equals an awesome day to me.



These are all the books I bought at the fair. Most of them are signed by the authors. The list of authors that turned up at the event were Graham Watkins – Daniel Parsons – Angela Fish – Christoph Fischer – Sally Spedding – Mark Dorey – Will Macmillan Jones – Tom Phelps – Dave Lewis – Julie McGowan – Julian Roderick – Nigel C Williams – Damian Harvey – Gail B Williams – Phil Carradice – Helen Forder – Darrell James – Ruth Morgan – Mike Thomas and Jan Newton.

Some of the best conversations I had were with Ruth Morgan, Colin Parsons and Sally Spedding. They were all genuinely, lovely people.





I honestly hope this happens again next year, I really enjoyed my time at the fair, if I could have bought more books I would have, I just couldn’t physically carry anymore.

Thanks Bookworms

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