Goodreads Star Rating! Should we trust it??

Hello Everyone.

Today I want to talk about star rating on Goodreads. Many people have different ways of rating and honestly, should we trust the ratings on Goodreads? Some people give 3 stars to books they hate, some give 1 star. Its all subjective.

When I rate a book, I rate how the story is, how much it captured my interest and how the characters are developed. The only books I tend to have trouble rating are Middle grade books and Nonfiction. Anybody else have trouble rating some books???

So for example I recently read Wild by Cheryl Strayed and I enjoyed it, but I also it found it boring. When it came to giving it a Star rating, I just gave it 3 stars, because I found it was a book that I probably will never read again, and I just didn’t care for it that much. Yet some other people may have given it 3 stars because they enjoyed it and thought that it was okay. Now if I had never read it and I went into to Goodreads to see the ratings and the reviews, the ratings might have either put me off, or made me think I might like it.


I am honestly having a hard time trusting the ratings on Goodreads. I have now decided that I am no longer looking at the ratings of the book, but I will read the reviews and the synopsis and if it catches my eye then I will read it myself and just rate the book for myself.

Now how I rate my books are:

1 Star = I absolutely did not like this book, didn’t like the plot, the characters, the themes ECT.

2 Star = I didn’t like the book, but it had some redeeming qualities, like a good character, a good ending. ECT.

3 Star = I liked the book, but I wont read it again.

4 Star = Really liked the book and enjoyed many aspects, but there was a tiny problem with it, the writing, the character, not liking what the character does. ECT.

5 Star = This is the best books, with finding no faults.

Hope everyone is having a good day? tell me what you think about star ratings?

Happy Reading.

Thanks bookworms.

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