Mini Book Review: Stolen Times by Danielle Rollins

Hello Everyone.

Today I am going to do a book review of Stolen Time by Danielle Rollins. I did like this book, it wasn’t the best, but it was enjoyable.


Seattle, 1913 // Dorothy is trapped. Forced into an engagement to a wealthy man just so she and her mother can live comfortably for the rest of their days, she’ll do anything to escape. Including sneaking away from her wedding and bolting into the woods to disappear.

New Seattle, 2077 // Ash is on a mission. Rescue the professor—his mentor who figured out the secret to time travel—so together they can put things right in their devastated city. But searching for one man means endless jumps through time with no guarantee of success.

When Dorothy collides with Ash, she sees it as her chance to start fresh—she’ll stow away in his plane and begin a new life wherever they land. Then she wakes up in a future that’s been ripped apart by earthquakes and floods; where vicious gangs rule the submerged city streets and a small group of intrepid travelers from across time are fighting against the odds to return things to normal. What Dorothy doesn’t know is that she could hold the key to unraveling the past—and her arrival may spell Ash’s ultimate destruction. (Goodreads)

When I first read the synopsis of this book I was really excited to read it. I mean a book with time travel is one of my favourite things. The story its self was really good, it was fast paced and the explanations of the times, places and the travel was excellent. The only problem I had was with the characters themselves.

The character Dorothy, in the beginning you learn she has been taught how to be a can artist by her mother, and she trusts nobody. Thats it, her character seemed to have no character growth for me, she needed to have more substance. Ash was better, but at the same time I felt he had no character growth as well. I’m sorry to say that they are pretty forgettable characters. Thats the only problem I had with this book.

The time travel aspect was really cool, I liked the science explanations and how it all made sense. It is a fun read, I just wanted more from the characters, I will read the next book to see if it expands anymore.

3.25 Stars

Happy Reading.

Thanks bookworms.

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