Monday Favourites!!

Hello Everyone.

Today I am coming to you with my favourites of the past week! this will be a new series that I start. You guys don’t know me that well, but when I get obsessed with something, I get insane and fall down a fangirl rabbit hole. Anybody Else??

So in this series I will talk about, Movies, TV shows, Music, Food, ECT. Don’t worry there will be some books things added as well.  Now on to my current favourites.


At the moment I am obsessed with 3 playlists on Spotify. My fiancé and I are on the family plan on there, and its the best thing ever.

So the 3 I am continuously playing are:

20190329_210700.jpg  20190329_210621.jpg 20190329_210645.jpg


I went to the Cinema and saw one of my fav films ever Captain Marvel!! Have you guys seen it yet?? Go if you haven’t.

Also on Netflix they realised the Motley Crue Film, The Dirt. The Dirt is insane. If your a fan of them I would recommend watching it.

20190329_211436.jpg 20190329_211350.jpg

Tv Shows

There are 2 shows I’m currently watching they are, Stranger Things and That 70’s Show. I’m on the 2nd season of Stranger Things and I am loving it so far. That 70’s Show, I’m on my 100 rewatch of it.

20190329_211311.jpg 20190329_211223.jpg


At the moment I am really on a kick of trying different flavour teas, my fav so far is from Geek Gear. They made a Harry Potter love potion tea, and its my new love.


Okay everyone, that is just a few of the things that I love! hope everyone has a good week.

Happy Reading.

Thanks bookworms.

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