Mental health-athon TBR

Hello everyone.

Today I am coming to you with my TBR for the mental health-athon. The readathon was created by the lovely Nicole from a beautiful chaos of books on Youtube. You can find her release video here. 

Obviously within this readathon there will be books with triggers, so if you plan to take part, I would research the books you want to read just in case.

Within the readathon there are 15 challenges made on a bingo board.


Here is the google document with all the rules and guidelines.

I plan to complete all 15. I spent an hour last night sorting out a book for each challenge. Now on to my TBR.

Group book

Screenshot_20190409-125159_Amazon Kindle.jpg

Own Voices




Anxiety Rep

Screenshot_20190409-125325_Amazon Kindle.jpg

Schizophrenia Rep

Screenshot_20190409-125357_Amazon Kindle.jpg


Screenshot_20190409-130130_Amazon Kindle.jpg

Intersectional Rep


Bipolar Rep

Screenshot_20190409-125234_Amazon Kindle.jpg

Hosts Pick

Screenshot_20190409-125442_Amazon Kindle.jpg

Personality Disorder Rep


Phobias Rep

Screenshot_20190409-125538_Amazon Kindle.jpg

Eating Disorder Rep

Screenshot_20190409-125823_Amazon Kindle.jpg




Screenshot_20190409-125921_Amazon Kindle.jpg

Depression Rep

Screenshot_20190409-125719_Amazon Kindle.jpg

If you are looking for some recommendations for books for the Readathon, Nicole put together a list on Goodreads. 

I’m so excited for this readathon. I hope I read them all.

Do you guys plan to join in?

Happy Reading.

Thanks Bookworms.


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