Book Review: Wizards’ Exile by Colin R Parsons

Hello Everyone.

Today I am coming to you with a book review of Wizards’ Exile by Colin R Parsons. I was sent this book for free in exchange for a review.


The sky city of Valusha is now ruled by an evil overlord called Jenta-Lor. The former ruler and wizard, Obsidian has gone into exile, and has not been seen for many years.

There’s a weird band of misfits – a boy, an engineer and a wizard who have all been locked away in Skytraz Prison. No one has ever escaped from there – well it is thousands of feet above the earth. All seems hopeless.

But the wizard prisoner Rebus knows the layout of Skytraz Prison, so there just might be a chance to break out and get away. If so, can they find Obsidian, and what dangers are ahead?

Buckle up; there’s Magic, Sky Ships and Dragons in this roller coaster adventure ride. (Goodreads)

I found this book to be a fast paced fantasy, with a loads of different characters. I feel this book would be best marketed towards a younger age, I know I would have loved this story when I was younger.

There were three main characters Rhidian (the engineer), Rebus (the wizard) and Red (the boy). Red was by far my favourite out of the three, he seemed to have the best character arc of the story. He was funny and cheeky and he made me laugh. I felt that Rebus and Rhidian were okay characters, but I preferred Red.

The story has so much going on, a jail break, a ghost ship, pirates, and dragons, in some respects I think there was too much, and some of the focus could have gone into fleshing the story out on just a couple of those story bits, instead of all of them. I did really enjoy it thou.

As I said before it was so fast paced, I read it within 2 days. If you are a fan of fast paced fantasies, then I would highly recommend this for you.

3.5 Stars

Happy Reading.

Thanks Bookworms.

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